Psychopathic rain, leaky windows, wet towels, killing your washing machine and a Thai pickle

The thing I have been asking myself lately is, why the heck is the rain blowing the wrong way this winter? Utter trivia. I know. Most would say in this day-and-age, “get a life, girl!” Weirdly though, I have become fascinated by the different types of rain out there. I never actually gave a fig in the past. Until the rain started blowing the wrong way into my leaky windows. First-world-problems at their absolute finest.

You see, inwards-blowing rain (if that is even a thing, I have no idea!) The kind that blows directly into your windows rather than away from them, when mixed with psychopathic wind gusts, is massively annoying. You have to watch in a state of panic, as the rain gushes right on in. Nothing you can do about it. Short of a DIY emergency silicone job to temporarily cover up the leaks. The best analogy I can think of is this. It’s like when the white walkers on Game of Thrones (‘GOT’) at the end of Season 7, (SPOILER-ALERT for those who aren’t up-to-date with GOT!), conquered the wall once steadfastly protected by the night’s watch. Darn Daenerys’s purple fire-breathing dragon turning over to the dark side! The night’s watch is basically stuffed. But we have to wait until season 8 to review the outcome of this. I am just surmising at the moment. What I am getting at, is you are basically stuffed like the night’s watch when it rains heavily through your leaky windows.

A temporary band-aid is, to stuff towels along your window ledges. They are soaked in seconds of course, but, at least your paintwork won’t bubble like crazy. My life revolves around an almost daily ritual of sodden towels. Oh, and pretty much killing my washing machine at the same time. As it turns out, fixing leaky windows is a complicated procedure much to my disappointment. First, you have to get your walls repainted and somehow, proliferate your downpipes. The dramas that plague my life right now. Seriously… Meanwhile, miracles are happening in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand.

I am talking about the recent Thailand Cave Disaster. The Thai-led international rescue team (and countless other phenomenal human beings involved in the rescue operation), have done the unthinkable. This is a freakish thing that happened. Buddha could never have predicted it. The Wild Boars soccer team, comprised of boys aged between roughly 9-16years, along with their soccer coach, have successfully been rescued from a flooded cave in Tham Luang, Chiang Rai in northern Thailand. Two-and-a-bit weeks after becoming trapped inside the cave. A case of a character building excursion gone wrong in the wet season.

A Thai navy seal involved in the rescue mission has already been tragically killed, due to lack of oxygen, in the process of ascension from the cave. His job was to deliver oxygen by way of air tanks, to those trapped inside the cave. His untimely death has not gone in vain. If anything, Thailand has used it as a source of inspiration by succeeding in its delicate rescue operation.

As we now know, mission impossible was a success. All the children and their coach are now safely out of the cave What a remarkable achievement against all odds. As much a battle against time, as it was against infection and disease and Mother Nature Herself. I am delighted as the rest of the world watching in anticipation, was that everything turned out okay in the end. Mission complete and mission accomplished.

The children and their coach, now have another battle on their hands. It is now a battle against the possibility of contracting a bacterial infection. A consequence of the wet landscape and disease-ridden environment they had to endure for over two weeks. So far so good. In the big picture of life, my leaky windows are nothing in comparison to this.

To digress, being located in the southern hemisphere means we encounter wickedly hot sometimes oppressive summers. Not forgetting to mention, wild winters. When it rains in Australia, it bloody well pours! Heavy sidewards rain blowing the wrong way is, the norm this winter. Joyousness.

Thanks to my wet towel situation, I am pretty sure my washing machine is going to die any day now. I am convinced it is only a matter of time before it goes kaput. It is already making a weird buzzing noise when it is whipped into a frenzy. Like an aeroplane coming to land on your roof. Other times, it sounds like an angry monster is stuck in there and is trying to kick its way out. Banging and clanging, have become the norm in my open-thoroughfare-cum-laundry. Again, joyousness.

Mother Nature works in mysterious ways. She has the power to be utterly delightful and devastatingly frightening all at the same time. She is also uncontrollable and unpredictable. That is a fact. Climate change issues are real people and they are impacting dear old Mother Nature further. She is more erratic these days. Meaning, we pay the price through Her crazy weather patterns.

Back to the rain. Rain is a necessary part of life. Its necessity is mostly taken for granted. A seasonal life source. If it doesn’t rain our waterways and water sources become depleted. Food production becomes obstructed. Rendered obsolete. Our environment, therefore cannot function in accordance with nature. To put it bluntly, if it stopped raining permanently, we would die. Simple as that. Forget international terrorism. Forget nuclear weapons and their deadly ramifications for both humanity and the environment. Forget globalised intrastate warfare. Forget guns. Forget drugs and alcohol. Forget car accidents, heart disease and cancer. A permanent absence of rain will kill us all, before any of the above will. Rain is absolutely crucial to the continuance of life on earth.

Rain depending on its intensity, will continue to wreak havoc across the globe. Chaos and order, two sides of the same coin. Rain will be normal one minute. Psychopathic the next. Mother Nature has no conscience and no compassion. Rain comes in many different shapes, intensities and sizes just like humans.

A monumental event like the Thailand Cave Disaster, re-encapsulates the power and potency of humanity and its innate goodness. Humans aren’t perfect, we know this to be true. We are a mixture of good and bad. Let us never forget the good that happens in this world. The legendary efforts of the global community involved in the Thailand Cave Disaster rescue mission, are nothing short of extraordinary. Courage, in the face of extreme adversity, is nothing short of inspiring. Humans are good and there is goodness in this world. We just don’t get exposed to enough of it. The media likes to dwell on doom and gloom with good news stories generally taking a back seat. Except this one. Finally.

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